Candy Crush


Candy Crush is a popular mobile puzzle game that has been downloaded over 2.7 billion times worldwide. Developed by King, Candy Crush features a simple yet addictive gameplay mechanic that has captivated players of all ages. In this article, we take a closer look at the game and provide some tips and tricks for those looking to improve their Candy Crush skills.

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Gameplay Mechanics

Candy Crush is a match-three puzzle game where players must match three or more candies of the same colour to clear them from the board. Each level has a different objective, such as reaching a certain score, clearing a certain number of candies, or bringing certain items to the bottom of the board. Players have a limited number of moves to complete each level, and failing to reach the goal in the allotted moves will result in a loss.

Tips and tricks

If you’re struggling to get through the levels in Candy Crush, here are a few tips and tricks that might help:

  • Make matches at the bottom of the board: Matching candies at the bottom of the board creates a cascade effect that can clear more candies and create special candies.
  • Focus on making special candies: Special candies such as striped candies, wrapped candies and colour bombs can be very useful in clearing large numbers of candies from the board.
  • Plan ahead: Before you make a move, take a moment to think about how it will affect the rest of the board. Planning ahead can help you make more efficient moves and complete the level with fewer moves.

Versions of Candy Crush

There are several different versions of Candy Crush, each with their own unique gameplay mechanics and themes. Some of the most popular versions of Candy Crush include:

  • Candy Crush Saga: The original version of the game, Candy Crush Saga features hundreds of levels and a variety of different game modes.
  • Candy Crush Soda Saga: This version of the game features soda bottles that must be popped by matching candies next to them. It also introduces new game modes such as Frosting and Honey.
  • Candy Crush Jelly Saga: In this version of the game, players must spread jelly across the board by making matches next to it. It also features boss battles and new game modes such as Pufflers and Monkling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Candy Crush free to play?

Yes, Candy Crush is free to play, but there are in-app purchases available.

Can I play Candy Crush offline?

No, Candy Crush requires an internet connection to play.

How many levels are there in Candy Crush?

As of 2021, there are over 8,000 levels in Candy Crush Saga alone.

How do I get more lives in Candy Crush?

Lives in Candy Crush regenerate over time, but players can also borrow lives from friends or buy them with real money.