How to Download Hangouts

We have available the download of App Hangouts for PC and other devices. We explain to you how to download this free App Themes in this article. This app described in Aplists is tested from Play Store and direct download.


If you are an old Google user, then you might remember Hangouts from a long time ago. Well, now Google has taken back the app and put it back online with new features and a refreshed image. Now, people will have the chance to communicate with their friends, family, or even talk with their partners at work through Google Hangouts in a pretty easy way.

Some important characteristics you should know about Hangouts

  • Hangouts calls, which are absolutely free, can be used to communicate with users who don’t use the app or use a different communication app.
  • To promote communication in groups and to make things easier, people can create chats with up to 150 different people from all around the world.
  • People can talk with other users inside Hangouts using different communication “methods such as stickers, emoticons, and photographs, among other things.
  • People can connect their Google Voice account to Google Hangouts in order to connect the app with SMS and voice messaging and use the Voice-to-Text command.
  • There is no limit to how many messages you can send; you may send them whenever you want, and others will read them once they return to the internet.
  • There are no extra charges for video calls in Hangouts, and up to 10 people can join one with ease.

Some FAQ of Hangouts

What is the feature that sets Hangouts app apart from the rest?

It’s hard to tell because there are many features Google added to this app. Mostly the free services it offers to people and the chance to use the Voice-to-Text commands.

Is Hangouts free?

Yes! Hangouts is a free communication application made by Google.

Is Hangouts safe to use?

Definitely, yes. It is as safe as other apps Google has previously created.

What is the limit of people for a meeting on Hangouts?

Video meetings can host up to 10 people per meeting for free.

Is recording video allowed in Hangouts?

Yes, people can record videos in Hangouts and share them with other people later on.

Can anyone read your Hangouts messages?

No, Hangouts is completely secure and safe for everyone.

Does Hangouts require a phone number?

No. Hangouts work in a different way compared to other apps, as they only require a valid Google account to work.

Development description

Use Hangouts to keep in touch. Message contacts, start free video or voice calls, and hop on a conversation with one person or a group.
• Include all your contacts with group chats for up to 150 people.
• Say more with status messages, photos, videos, maps, emoji, stickers, and animated GIFs.
• Turn any conversation into a free group video call with up to 10 contacts.
• Call any phone number in the world (and all calls to other Hangouts users are free!).
• Connect your Google Voice account for phone calling, SMS texting, and voicemail integration.
• Keep in touch with contacts across Android, iOS, and the web, and sync chats across all your devices.
• Message contacts anytime, even if they’re offline.



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