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Ilta Sanomat is a prominent daily newspaper in Finland, known for its tabloid-style reporting and sensational headlines. Founded in 1932, the newspaper has become the second-largest in Finland in terms of circulation, with a daily readership of approximately 400,000 people. In this article, we will explore the history of Ilta Sanomat, its coverage, its reputation, and its impact on Finnish society.

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History of Ilta Sanomat

Ilta Sanomat was founded in 1932 by Sanoma Corporation, a media company based in Helsinki. Originally, the newspaper was published in the afternoon, hence the name “Ilta,” which means “evening” in Finnish. In the early years, Ilta Sanomat focused on sports, crime, and entertainment, and it quickly became known for its sensationalist reporting.

Over the years, Ilta Sanomat has undergone several changes in ownership and management. In 1959, the newspaper was acquired by Keskisuomalainen, a media company based in central Finland. In 1991, the newspaper was sold to Alma Media, another Finnish media company. Today, Ilta Sanomat is owned by Sanoma Corporation once again, after they acquired Alma Media’s newspaper division in 2017.


Ilta Sanomat covers a wide range of topics, including news, politics, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle. The newspaper has a reputation for tabloid-style reporting, with headlines that are often sensational and provocative. Some critics have accused Ilta Sanomat of prioritizing clickbait over serious journalism, while others argue that the newspaper serves an important role in providing news and entertainment to Finnish readers.

Ilta Sanomat also has a strong online presence, with its website attracting millions of visitors each month. The newspaper’s online content includes articles, videos, and podcasts, as well as interactive features such as quizzes and games. Ilta Sanomat has also embraced social media, with active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


Ilta Sanomat’s reputation has been a topic of debate in Finland for many years. While some people appreciate the newspaper’s lively reporting style and its focus on entertainment, others have criticized its sensationalism and lack of journalistic integrity. Ilta Sanomat has been accused of publishing misleading or inaccurate stories, and some have argued that its coverage of certain topics has been biased or inflammatory.

Despite these criticisms, Ilta Sanomat remains one of the most popular newspapers in Finland, with a loyal readership that appreciates its unique style of reporting. In recent years, the newspaper has also won several awards for its journalism, including the Vuoden lehti (Newspaper of the Year) award in 2019.

Impact on Finnish society

Ilta Sanomat has had a significant impact on Finnish society over the years. Its reporting has helped to shape public opinion on a wide range of issues, from politics to entertainment. The newspaper has also been a platform for investigative journalism, with several high-profile investigations leading to changes in government policy or business practices.

Ilta Sanomat has also been a pioneer in digital journalism in Finland, with its website and social media presence attracting a younger, tech-savvy audience. The newspaper has embraced new technologies and platforms, experimenting with virtual reality, augmented reality, and other innovative storytelling techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ilta Sanomat a reliable source of news?

While Ilta Sanomat has a reputation for sensationalism, it is still considered a credible news source by many Finns. The newspaper has won several awards for its journalism, and its reporters are known for their thoroughness and professionalism.

Does Ilta Sanomat have a political bias?

Ilta Sanomat is generally considered to be politically neutral, although some critics have accused the newspaper of having a left-leaning bias. However, the newspaper’s editorial staff has denied these accusations and emphasizes their commitment to unbiased reporting.

How has Ilta Sanomat adapted to the digital age?

Ilta Sanomat has embraced digital technologies and platforms, developing a strong online presence and experimenting with innovative storytelling techniques. The newspaper has also launched mobile apps and a digital subscription service to cater to its tech-savvy readers.

What is Ilta Sanomat’s role in Finnish society?

Ilta Sanomat plays an important role in Finnish society as a popular source of news and entertainment. The newspaper’s reporting has helped to shape public opinion on a wide range of issues, and its investigative journalism has led to changes in government policy and business practices. Additionally, Ilta Sanomat has been a pioneer in digital journalism, attracting a younger, tech-savvy audience and experimenting with new technologies and platforms.