Jigsaw Puzzles


Jigsaw puzzles have been a popular pastime for decades, captivating puzzle enthusiasts of all ages. Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to relax and sharpen your problem solving skills while enjoying a moment of tranquillity. The beauty of jigsaw puzzles is that they can be played by one person or a group of people, making them a great activity for families, friends or even a solo hobby.

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How to play Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are made up of small interlocking pieces that fit together to form a larger picture. The object of the game is to fit all the pieces together correctly to form the completed picture. The jigsaw can be played on a flat surface, such as a table or floor, and players can choose the level of difficulty they prefer.

The game begins by sorting the pieces and grouping them by colour, pattern or other defining characteristics. Once the pieces are organised, players can start by assembling the outer edges of the puzzle, followed by filling in the inner pieces. The jigsaw is complete when all the pieces fit together perfectly to form the picture.

Types of Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles come in a variety of sizes, shapes and levels of difficulty, making them suitable for a wide range of people. Some of the most common types of jigsaw puzzles are

  • Traditional jigsaw puzzles – These puzzles are the most common and feature images of landscapes, animals and objects.
  • 3D Puzzles – These puzzles are designed to create a 3D model, such as a building, spaceship or animal.
  • Mystery Puzzles – These puzzles feature an image with a hidden message or surprise that is only revealed when the puzzle is completed.
  • Custom Puzzles – These puzzles are created by printing an image of your choice onto a puzzle.

Frequently asked questions about Jigsaw Puzzles

What is Jigsaw Puzzles?

Jigsaw Puzzles is a mobile application that allows users to play virtual puzzles on their phones or tablets.

Can I play Jigsaw Puzzles offline?

Yes, Jigsaw Puzzles can be played offline once the puzzles have been downloaded to your device.

How many puzzles are available on Jigsaw Puzzles?

Jigsaw Puzzles offers a wide variety of puzzles, with over 10,000 different puzzles available for users to play.

Can I create my own puzzles on Jigsaw Puzzles?

Yes, Jigsaw Puzzles offers a feature that allows users to create their own puzzles using their own photos or images from their device’s library.