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We have available the download of App for PC and other devices. We explain to you how to download this free App Themes in this article. This app described in Aplists is tested from Play Store and direct download.

We know that as a project manager, managing tasks is something hard for most people to achieve. But there are always some ways to help people out with these activities. In this case, if you are needing to find an app that will take you to the next level of organization, surely is the perfect tool for you and for your team.

Some important characteristics you should know about

  • can be used as an individual tool, or it can be used to track the progress of team activities if wanted.
  • People can easily assign tasks to other members of their team directly from, while also letting them know when is the deadline of their activities and similar information.
  • allows people to keep an eye on other people’s tasks thanks to their intuitive interface.
  • People can add files to to make things easier for people who might need some resources to complete a determined task.
  • will notify people whenever a deadline is about to happen, that way they can keep an eye on what it’s pending to complete.
  • Project managers can watch the current status of the tasks of each one of their team members, and team members can watch their progress directly from the app.
  • can be synced with other apps to help people become more productive.

Some FAQ of

What makes app unique?

Something that makes more unique compared to other similar apps is the fact the app is designed to focus on productivity, therefore all the tools included on the app are focused on helping people with it.

Do I need to pay to get and use app?

No. There’s no need to pay to use, the app is completely free to use for everyone.

Is safe to use?

Yes! is completely safe to use by everyone.

Why is the best option for teamworking? has become one of the most accessible options for people who want to improve their teamwork experience due to how efficient the app can be, and how easy people can connect it with other productivity apps.

Development description is the visual workspace where teams get work done. Join 120,000+ teams who use to manage, track, and organize all their work.
Collaborate with your team for all assignments with easy to use controls and work together as an organized group.
Be a project manager with ease. Organize and manage projects, tasks and teams from an intuitive interface. Team work takes no work with task planner and project schedule features, so you can make sure you’re on-track with quick charts, check-ins and deadline management.



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