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More and more people are using streaming services for entertainment in their daily lives. The most well-known are undoubtedly platforms like Netflix, Disney, or HBO, but there are many others full of quality content that are less known. This is the case of Pluto TV, which, although not as well-known as the aforementioned platforms, is gaining users exponentially. Keep reading to learn more about the service that is changing the way we watch TV!

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What is Pluto TV?

Pluto TV is a free video-on-demand service financed by advertisers. Yes, completely free! Pluto TV is the best option if you don’t want to pay a monthly subscription on another platform.

In Pluto TV, you can find more than 250 live channels, movies, and series on demand. However, to make all of this possible at no cost, this streaming service comes with advertising.

You can find your favorite TV channels, including news channels, movie channels, music channels, cartoon channels…but you can also watch your usual channels. And on the other hand, you can browse a wide library of series and movies. All of this without the need for registration or payment.

Pros and cons of Pluto TV

It is clear that the most outstanding feature of Pluto TV is that it is a free service. But this has its cons, and that is that you will have to watch ads to enjoy this gratuity. Although it is true that there is a version with which you can enjoy all its content without annoying ads, you will have to pay for it. This is where you will have to weigh the different options between other streaming platforms and Pluto TV and see which one has your favorite content.

Regarding content, it is true that outside the United States, the catalog of programs and on-demand content is not too extensive. You also have the option of paying to expand it.

Why get the Pluto TV app?

This convenient and practical streaming service is ideal if you want to enjoy millions of hours of on-demand content or your favorite programs without having to watch them on a television. You can watch all of this from your PC, mobile, or tablet, anytime, anywhere. All you need is a stable internet connection.

Its interface is very intuitive and will make it easier for you to navigate through all its channels and get the most out of them. You can watch the daily programming live and mark which are your favorite channels to access them more quickly and never miss anything. And if you are a movie lover, don’t miss the “Trending” section, where you can discover the most prominent titles on the platform.

Some FAQs about Pluto TV

Is it possible to get the Pluto TV app for free?

Yes, its basic service does not require any payment. You don’t even need to register to access its content.

Which devices is Pluto TV compatible with?

You can enjoy Pluto TV from your PC, Android or iPhone mobile, tablet, or TV.

Does the Pluto TV app have a premium version with exclusive content?

Yes, you can have access to more movies and series for a small monthly fee. There is even a premium version without ads, which you will also have to pay for.

How is Pluto TV possible for free?

This is possible thanks to advertising. Advertisers pay for the platform to show you their ads while you are enjoying the content. And this is how Pluto TV creators see their work rewarded, without you having to pay.