For some time now, many people have chosen Skype as their personal messaging platform. When it was first launched, it was a game changer for communication between people and businesses. Nowadays, people still use Skype to talk to their family members and also for professional meetings – there’s no limit to what you can do with it!

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Some things to know about Skype

  • Skype allows people to make and receive phone calls directly from the app, but in most cases these are charged as roaming calls.
  • People can customise their Skype as much as they like with themes and different colours.
  • Skype allows people to make video calls with up to 24 people at the same time without any inconvenience.
  • People can use Skype to share all kinds of files such as documents, photos, videos and much more.
  • The in-app browser makes it easy to find information sent over Skype.
  • People can quote messages when talking on Skype, so you don’t miss out on important information.
  • Skype can be used to talk to family and friends, as well as for professional meetings and so on.
  • Skype allows people to open their accounts on multiple devices at the same time.
  • People can use Skype to make video calls and broadcast their own screen to other participants.

Some FAQs about Skype

What is the feature that makes the Skype app different?

Back in the day, one of the features that made Skype different from other apps was how people could use it for different tasks, such as work and everyday communication.

Is Skype free?

Yes, but not entirely. Some features of the app require payment, but people can use the free version as much as they need.

Can I trust Skype?

Yes. Skype has proven to be a trustworthy application that anyone can use and feel safe using.

What is the limit on the number of people in a meeting on Skype?

Skype has increased the limit of participants per call and now up to 50 people can join a call.

Can I record meetings on Skype?

Yes, and this feature is available on both desktop and phone devices.

Are Skype messages encrypted?

Yes, as with many messaging applications, all messages sent through it are encrypted.

Do I need a phone number to use Skype?

Not necessarily. People can use one if they wish, but it is not essential.