TikTok is here to stay. This app has been a resounding success for both users and content creators of all kinds on the web, thanks to all the features and functions that allow the creativity of the community to set trends on the platform.
It’s completely free. You don’t have to pay to enjoy hours and hours of content. However, it does have a gifting system so that content creators can be financially rewarded by their most loyal fans.

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What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social network based on short videos and a special algorithm that selects the videos that will give you a unique experience, different from anyone else. You’ll have millions of videos based on your interests, while interacting with other people and sharing content with your friends.
TikTok has a simple video editing tool, so anyone without too much experience can upload videos to TikTok and use the hundreds of filters and effects in different ways, crop and adjust other videos and stickers within your own video, respond to comments and other videos, and even create your own filters and effects if you have a little more specialised knowledge.
Even if you have a strong base of followers who enjoy your content, you can start earning money with TikTok through advertising payments and gifts as a donation system.

What is TikTok mainly used for?

TikTok provides tools for content creators to create specific content that has an excellent chance of reaching their target audience. As with any social network, you can meet people with similar interests and interact with them in a variety of fun ways. And with the right number and type of followers, you can even make money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get the TikTok app for free?

Yes, TikTok is completely free for all devices.

What devices is the TikTok app compatible with?

The mobile version of the TikTok app is compatible with Android and iPhone devices. We don’t have an app for PCs, but you can access it through your browser.

Is there a premium version of the TikTok app with exclusive content?

No. You can watch or record videos completely free of charge and without limit. However, you can buy TikTok Coins to donate to other content creators.