Since the pandemic, many apps have appeared around the world to make things easier for people. Nowadays, people still need to make virtual connections with people from work, school or even family who’s far away from home. Well, Zoom is now one of the most reliable options for people who need a communication method with proper meeting quality.

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Some things to know about zoom

  • Zoom can be used for many purposes. There are no restrictions on how the application can be used by its users.
  • People can host a meeting for a small group of people or up to 100 participants, there’s no in-between in how the app can be used.
  • Zoom can be used to communicate with loved ones, work from home, connect with study partners and enjoy real-time video chats with people around the world.
  • While using the app, people will have access to the highest video meeting quality that their phone connection will allow.
  • Zoom strives to be the best meeting app, which is why it can be downloaded in seconds on any platform, including PCs, smartphones and tablets.
  • It’s easy for anyone to use. Anyone with a link or code can join a meeting and enjoy what is being said.
  • Zoom comes with a subscription for companies that want access to more premium features, but this is not mandatory.
  • People can record meetings from Zoom and save them to the app’s cloud service or directly to their computers.
  • There’s an option for people to access breakout rooms to take part in smaller meetings.

Some FAQs about Zoom

What makes the Zoom app different?

Zoom is an app that stands out from the rest of similar apps because it has so many features that people can use with ease. People can record meetings, invite other people into their meetings, create breakout rooms and more.

Is Zoom free?

It is free to use. However, the app is actually freemium, which means that some features require payment.

Can I trust Zoom?

Although people thought it was dangerous to use Zoom, it has been proven to be safe for everyone to use.

How many people can you video conference with Zoom?

This largely depends on the plan people have on their account, the default number of people that can join a meeting is 100, but it can be up to 100 per meeting.

Can I record meetings with Zoom?

Yes, people can record meetings from Zoom and easily share them in the future.