Asana: one single tool for all your project management

Are you trying to find a way to be more organized with the things you need to do? Don’t you know how to make your work feel more organized? There’s no need to worry from now on. With Asana, you will have access to the best possible ally you could have imagined to have. Asana will be the perfect tool for keeping an eye on the things you need to do, as well as you can collaborate with others!

Some characteristics you should know about Asana

  • People will work under kanban boards, which is fantastic since it allows them to know exactly what duties they need to complete.
  • The kanban boards included in Asana when organizing activities can be used to provide updates regarding the many tasks people wrote down there.
  • Asana allows you to organize plans, projects, and other tasks that you and your team must do and you can share these tasks with them as well.
  • Kanban boards allow people to set deadlines for projects, ensuring that they are completed on time and people can keep an eye on these projects thanks to Asana.
  • People can choose the value of tasks, allowing them to assign a high, medium, or low priority to them so people can tell when to do them.
  • When a task is changed or completed, Asana sends a notification to the person who created the task.
  • Asana features a system that allows users to connect files to boards, allowing them to add essential documents, photos, and more.
  • Asana will send notifications to people on their phones whenever there’s an update on something regarding an activity they have created or they are part of in Asana.

Some FAQs about Asana

What makes Asana app unique?

Asana is quite different from the rest of the apps we can find in the market due to it being the perfect way for people for organizing their tasks, as well as it is the perfect tool to work with other people too.

Do I need to pay to get and use Asana app?

Not necessarily. There are some free features the app includes, and even though it says it is free, there are some subscriptions for people to unlock more features.

Is Asana a safe app?

Yes! This app is very safe to use for everyone.

Why Asana is so good for working in teams?

Asana is so good for working in teams due to it being the perfect tool for keeping an eye on pending tasks, as well as it is the perfect way to delegate activities and more.