BlueJeans: a powerful application for the best videoconferencing experience

Looking for the perfect app to make your meetings better for everyone out there? Well, we might have what you have been looking for so long now, as BlueJeans will be the perfect app for people to use and have an amazing video quality whenever they get into a meeting with people from their work!

Some characteristics you should know about BlueJeans

  • Up to 150 participants can join the same video meeting while using BlueJeans.
  • All the meetings held through BlueJeans will have HD video and Dolby Voice audio, which is great for business meetings.
  • While using BlueJeans, people will have the chance to moderate meetings in a fast and easy way.
  • BlueJeans users can easily sync their phone calendar to the app in order to keep everything organized and to facilitate things when joining a meeting.
  • There’s a feature a person can use that is perfect for those who have to be in a meeting while driving, as it will let them participate without actually manipulating the cellphone.
  • BlueJeans will optimize the way the network is used while someone is in a meeting, as it will prioritize the meeting more than other apps.
  • There’s a function in which people can turn their meeting into a personal meeting room to privately talk with other people.

Some FAQs about BlueJeans

What makes BlueJeans app unique?

BlueJeans is an app that is quite similar to what we have seen before in apps like Zoom or Google Meet, but adding Dolby Audio to their meetings and HD video is something that makes it different from the rest.

Is BlueJeans free of cost?

Yes, there’s no need to pay to use BlueJeans at all.

Is BlueJeans safe to use?

Yes. Even though it might not be as famous as other apps, BlueJeans is safe to use for everyone.

How many participants can join a BlueJeans meeting?

Up to 150 participants can join the same BlueJeans meeting.

Can I record a BlueJeans video conference?

Yes. BlueJeans allows people to record video conferences with ease.

Why BlueJeans is the best option for teamworking?

Thanks to BlueJeans, teamworking is easier than ever as it will help people to achieve their goals in an easier way thanks to enhanced communication.