Discord: one of the most popular ways to stay connected

Discord is one of the apps that was mainly created for gamers and has evolved as such, but it has also included some unique features to make it even accessible for other communities as well. Nowadays, Discord has proven to be an app that people can use like any other communication software, it even works for internal communication in organizations and companies, which makes it a good option for people to use.

Some characteristics you should know about Discord

  • People can create Discord channels and add extra chats to them with different categories with ease.
  • There are lots of bots people can use when using Discord, which makes it even better for use.
  • Discord allows people to create rooms to make voice calls for gaming or personal purposes.
  • Discord is mostly used by gamers due to how easy it is to change categories in the app to find important information easily.
  • Most of the features included in Discord are free for use, which is something great for people to know about.
  • People can customize their Discord channels as much as needed with images, music, and more things.
  • Discord can upload all kinds of files to their servers, such as movies, images, music, documents, and more.
  • People can create private servers which can be only accessed with a password.
  • Discord allows people to link their account to different gaming platforms.

Some FAQs about Discord

What makes Discord app unique?

Discord is unique due to the fact it includes a communication system that is mostly used by gamers, and basically, that’s the target they had at the first moment when creating the app.

Is Discord free of cost?

Not completely, as there are some features that require a payment.

Can I trust Discord?

Yes, so far, Discord has proven to be a safe app that everyone can use.

What is the limit of people for a meeting on Discord?

Discord doesn’t support meetings, everything in the platform is managed through streams, and there’s no actual limit on it.

Does Discord allow recording meetings?

Yes, people can record their streams and use those videos later on if needed.

Are Discord messages encrypted?

Yes, Discord is a safe app with encrypted messages that everyone can use and feel safe while doing it.

Do I need a telephone number to use Discord?

Not at all. People can use this app with an email if needed.