Discord vs. Zoom: Which one is best?

In case you need an app to talk with your teammates or with some of your friends, there are always some options accessible for everyone. The thing here is, which one is the best option for people? Not everyone has the same needs and some people will surely like to use other apps as they are more complete.
Therefore, we need to compare Discord vs. Zoom as they are two of the main apps for people to communicate around the world. Both of them are pretty reliable, but there’s a need for people to fully understand which one is best.

Safety and data protection comparison

When talking about safety, there’s something people will always like to have and that is that sense of security apps can give to people.
On this particular subject, we can tell that Discord is a bit better than Zoom. It is true that some Discord communities are open to everyone and that can make things dangerous for people, but once they are turned into private communities, the problem will be long gone.

But, when talking about Zoom, there have been some things for people to stay alert while using this app. Back when the pandemic started, Zoom had a huge scandal as some users realized their information was being stolen.
As for now, it seems like the problem is long gone, but not everyone has forgotten about it. The good thing is that Zoom has become more strict, which is great.

Discord vs. Zoom: Which was is more famous?

This is quite an interesting question for people. Both of these apps are basically used for the same stuff or can be considered in some way as equals due to what they offer. But the truth is, they are focusing on different publics.
First, let’s talk about Discord. This app was developed for gamers at first, and it has somehow stayed that way. The thing is, times have changed, and therefore, more people have joined the app for other purposes. Now, this app is even used by small businesses, organizations, and more.
Zoom on the other hand is focused, from the very beginning, on a different public. Their main goal was to reach all kinds of businesses as well as organizations, schools, and more. And they have somehow reached it.
We can’t tell which one is more famous, as they are famous in their respective market. So for us, things are tied up here.

Main features: Which app has the best features nowadays?

Features, what can we say about them. They are basically the most important thing when choosing which app to use. People must be aware of that, as they have to be sure of what they need to use.
In this case, Discord has the advantage in some things, and Zoom in others. These two apps can complement themselves to make something great, but as we have to talk about them individually, things are harder to explain.

We do know that Discord allows people to add bots, something not available in Zoom. But, Zoom has more features when it comes to making video calls, which is something not available in Discord.
Basically, the final decision here will depend on what are the needs of people and how they want to use these apps.

Availability in platforms

Something worth mentioning here is the fact of the availability of these two apps. Surprisingly, they can be found on most of the devices people tend to use nowadays.
Both apps have their own mobile apps, as well as they can be found as downloadable software on PC. It will mostly depend on how people want to use them, or how they need to use them, actually.
So, if you were worried about not having the chance to download these apps because they won’t be available on the device you are using, there’s nothing to worry about.

Conclusion: Which one is better?

To close things up with this comparison between Discord vs. Zoom, it’s time to say which one is better for people to use. As for now, we can tell that both apps are good and are focused on a determined public.
For us, Zoom is better if you want to hold conferences, while Discord is better for people who want to use chat features more than video conferences.