GIPHY: the world’s largest library of stickers and GIFs

Have you ever wondered where you can save all the stickers and GIFs you create on your phone? There’s no need to worry about that anymore from now on! Thanks to GIPHY, people will have their own library with all their GIFs and stickers in one place, which can be later sent to people on different platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and many others so you can have fun while using this amazing app!

Some characteristics you should know about GIPHY

  • Most of the GIFs and other animations found inside GIPHY are completely made by the users of the app, but there are other creations the app adds every once in a while.
  • As for now, GIPHY is one of the most used platforms in the world with over 200 million users active each day.
  • GIPHY has been around for 9 years now, and back then the app was mostly used on Twitter, but nowadays the app has grown a lot more and is available on more platforms than before.
  • While using GIPHY, people won’t need to pay to use the app or its features, as everything related to GIPHY is totally free.
  • People can create their own GIFs and other animations on GIPHY, and there’s also a GIF editor for people who want to fix their old GIFs.
  • Even though people mostly know the app for its GIFS, nowadays GIPHY also has stickers available on it.
  • GIPHY can be used, as impressive as it sounds, as a marketing tool as companies can upload and sell their products with the help of the platform.

Some FAQs about GIPHY

What is the feature that sets GIPHY app apart from the rest?

There are a few things that make GIPHY better than other similar apps out there. For example, people won’t find their GIF library anywhere else, and they won’t either find such an easy app that lets people share these GIFs with ease.

Is GIPHY free?

Yes. For everyone who wants to use it, GIPHY is totally free.

Is GIPHY a safe app?

Yes. People shouldn’t be worried about using GIPHY, and now that is owned by Facebook, is, even more, safer to use.

How can I customize my chats with GIPHY?

People can easily customize their chats once they download GIPHY as they can add lots of GIFs and stickers in seconds. Only put the name of what you want to find and GIPHY will show you lots of results.