Google Duo: the app designed to simplify your videoconferences

Google has been creating different apps for people to communicate with their family, friends, and even with workmates. That’s basically what people can do with Google Duo, one of the newest messaging apps created by Google, which is meant to give people the best audio and video quality possible, as well as making it easy to connect with people in seconds thanks to the app.

Some characteristics you should know about Google Duo

  • During the call, participants can take photos of what’s happening in the meeting and share them later.
  • Google Duo is mostly used as an app for people to make video and phone calls, but it can also be used as a normal messaging app.
  • Google Duo includes a Family Mode feature that allows users to personalize their calls with fun effects so they can spend quality time together.
  • People can use Google Duo from anywhere; they can use it on their phones, computers, or tablets; it will depend on what they have near them!
  • Joining Google Duo calls couldn’t be easier as the app only requires people to click on a link to join a meeting.
  • Google Duo provides a good video calling experience in which up to 32 people can join the same meeting without any issue.
  • Google Duo is available for most people out there, as the app can be downloaded in basically every country in the world.

Some FAQs about Google Duo

What makes Google Duo app unique?

Google Duo is somehow unique, compared to other messaging apps, due to the app focusing more in video and audio quality instead of other features, which is something amazing to consider.

Do I need to pay to get and use Google Duo app?

No. Google Duo is a completely free-to-use app for everyone out there.

Can I trust Google Duo?

Just like many other apps from Google, people can trust Duo with their eyes closed.

How many people can you video conference with Google Duo?

Up to 32 participants can join the same conference while using Google Duo.

Is recording video allowed in Google Duo?

Yes, Google Duo includes a video recording option for its users.