Google Meet: communicate with your family and friends in the easiest way possible

Do you need to get in contact with someone that is far away and doesn’t know how to do it? There’s no need to worry about that, from now on Google Meet will be the app you can rely on to connect with people from all over the world in a matter of seconds. After the pandemic, Google Meet has changed to be more suitable for people who are not part of companies and has become an impressive tool for all kinds of communications.

Some characteristics you should know about Google Meet

  • To participate in Meet video meetings, you don’t need a Google Account. If you do not have a Google Account, you must be granted admission to the meeting by the meeting organizer or someone from the organization who has permission to let people in.
  • To help protect your data and protect your privacy, Google Meet uses Google Cloud’s secure-by-design infrastructure in all the meetings held on the app.
  • Google Meet was used in the past as the solution for companies to communicate as it was included on the G-Suite, but nowadays is a free service for everyone.
  • Up to 250 participants can join the same Google Meet meeting without having any kind of issue in the meeting room.
  • Google Meet can be easily used on different devices, such as phones and tablets, to connect to their meetings.
  • Just like it happens with other Google apps, people can connect their Google Meet meetings to their Google Calendar to receive notifications when a meeting is about to start.
  • People can record meetings from Google Meet, but only when they are participating from a computer.

Some FAQs about Google Meet

What makes Google Meet app different from the rest?

Google Meet has been working hard to be different from the rest, people now use it for free, and with most of the features included, but this app used to be a private and paid option for G-Suite users.

Is Google Meet free of cost?

For now, yes. People can now access this app for free.

Can I trust Google Meet?

Yes! People can use Google Meet and feel free as long as they are participating in a meeting.

How many people can you video conference with Google Meet?

Up to 250 participants can join the same meeting without inconvenience.

Can I record a Google Meet video conference?

Yes. People can still record meetings from Google Meet, but the main difference here is the fact that it can only be done through PCs.