Google Meet vs. Zoom: Which one is best?

Nowadays, there are lots of apps people can use for communicating through a mobile device or a computer. But, there’s something to consider here, not all the apps work in the same way. Some of them have more features than others, and that’s why today we will be talking about Zoom vs. Google Meet.
These two apps have been around in the market for quite some time now, each one offering different services to people, but they are pretty similar in what they offer. So, let’s see what we can tell about these two.

Safety and data protection comparison

Something that matters most to people is the fact that they want to feel protected when using an app. That’s a normal thing, no one wants to give their personal or business information to someone else.
In this particular aspect, we can say that Google Meet is far better than Zoom. No one can tell that the safety of Google is worse than the one offered by Zoom because that’s a lie to whoever reads it.

Comparing these two apps, we can tell that Google, throughout the history of the company, has never been involved in scandals. On the other hand, Zoom has had several scandals, even though that’s long gone now.
For us, Google Meet is surely safer to use and protects more the data of its users than Zoom.

Google Meet vs. Zoom: Which one is more famous?

When comparing two apps, we can’t miss the chance to talk about which one is more famous around the world. In this particular case, we are facing two of the most famous communication apps of the last years.
Google Meet is an old familiar app for most people. Back in the day, it was a free app that everyone could use through their Google account. Nowadays, the app is still famous but is now famous among business people.
Whilst Zoom is still reaching the fame level Meet had, there’s a lot for them to improve to be a worthy rival. We aren’t saying they are not famous, but they still have a road to walk before being as famous as a Google app.
So, for us, the answer is pretty clear, Google Meet is far more famous than Zoom.

Main features: Which app has the best features nowadays?

Now, it’s time to talk about features because they are as important as the availability of the app, which we will mention in a bit. People, especially nowadays, are looking forward to getting the most features from an app as they can.
In this aspect, Zoom and Meet are pretty tied. People can use these two apps for free and get some limited features, or they can pay to access what we can say are more efficient features.
Both apps can complement themselves as they have features the other doesn’t have. For example, Zoom has breakout rooms, which Meet, for now, doesn’t have.
Therefore, we can say these two apps are pretty tied up in what they offer to people.

Availability in platforms

Now, as we said before, it’s time to talk about availability. People are paying attention to how accessible apps are. For most users, an app must be available on different platforms to be a success.
As for now, Google Meet and Zoom are available on most platforms around the world. People can use them through a PC, with a mobile, a tablet, and so on. So, we can say there are no problems with them.

So, there’s no point in saying which one is available on more platforms, because they are available on the same devices, the final decision on which one to use will depend mostly on how the rest of the people around work.

Conclusion: Which one is better?

It’s time to make a final decision. Which one of these two apps is better? It’s a hard question to answer, to be honest. No one can easily tell which is better due to both of them being pretty complete.
For us, we are seeing a tie. Both apps are pretty decent, both offer good features, and both are available on most platforms, which is why we can’t tell a winner here.