GoTomeeting: secure and fast access to your virtual meetings

Have you ever had a hard time trying to improve internal communications in your company or within a team you are managing? There’s no need to worry about that anymore because we have the solution for most people who are having a hard time with this issue. Thanks to GoToMeeting, communicating with your teammates will be easier than ever, and it won’t matter where you are at, everyone will be able to connect with other members within some minutes!

Some characteristics you should know about GoToMeeting

  • There is no need for people to be connected using only audio, as they can also join with video to be more “present” in the meeting.
  • For faster communication with other members of the app, GoToMeeting allows users to communicate with each other individually through private chats.
  • People may connect their calendars with their phones and join meetings with a single click without needing to access the app.
  • People don’t need to sign up to utilize GoToMeeting; all they have to do is click on it and join the meeting as guests if they want.
  • Users can host free meetings without any problems, and there is no need to pay to use it even if you host hundreds of meetings.
  • People can utilize GoToMeeting on their mobile devices or on their desktop computers, so no need to worry about not having a place to join meetings.
  • GoToMeeting now offers an improved data saving feature that allows users to store up to 90% of their data.

Some FAQs about GoToMeeting

What makes GoToMeeting app unique?

GoToMeeting is an app that people can use in order to improve internal communications with team members or with their bosses as it is the perfect tool to make meetings easily and faster.

Is GoToMeeting free of cost?

Yes. GoToMeeting is free for everyone who wants to use it.

Is GoToMeeting safe to use?

Yes! GoToMeeting is a safe-to-use app that most people should start using.

How many participants can join a GoToMeeting meeting?

As for now, only 26 people can join the same meeting in GoToMeeting.

Does GoToMeeting allow recording meetings?

Yes. GoToMeeting includes a cloud-like service in which people can record and store their meetings.