How To Start A Meeting Using Gmail

Video conferencing alternatives have grown more useful than ever before to today’s companies as face-to-face communication has gotten more difficult owing to the increase of people working from home.
Google Meet is a popular software option for conducting a remote meeting. This platform generates a unique phone number and virtual meeting room for you and your team to add to everyone’s calendar. All you have to do now is provide some basic information about the meeting.
Let’s show you an easy step-by-step guide!

How To Create a Google Meet Step By Step

Open Google Meet

Type on your browser:

Sign up

If you haven’t already, create a new account.
Use your user name and password and login if you already have one.

Click On the “New Meeting” Button

In the lower right corner of the screen, click on the green button that says “New Meeting.”

Pick An Option

When you click on the link, a new screen will pop up where you can either get a meeting URL to share, start an immediate meeting, or schedule a meeting in Google Calendar. The first two choices require that you begin a meeting immediately; select the third option to book a later session.

Fill Out The Event Details Form

A Google Form will be provided to you with all of the meeting information. It resembles creating a Google Calendar event, and it works in much the same way. Except, rather than making a Google Meet link for invitees to click when the scheduled time arrives, this tool creates a Google Meet link that invites can click when the planned time comes.
Create a reason for the meeting and any other information you want to include. Fill in the meeting’s title, verify attendees’ work schedules, and then pick a date, time, and length; whether it’s one-time or recurring; add a description; invite guests, and include anything else you need.
Click “Save” once you’ve completed everything — Google creates a unique meeting URL and phone number for your meeting, so all you have to do is hit send.

Start The Meeting By Clicking On The “Join with Google Meet” Button

After you’ve saved the meeting, a reminder will appear on your calendar. When the scheduled time arrives, click on the calendar item, and a pop-up window with a big “Join with Google Meet” button will appear. Select that option.
The meeting invitation will also include a Google Meet phone number and a pin you may use to call into the meeting if someone prefers to connect in person rather than via their computer.

Click On “Join Now” or “Present”

After you’ve completed the registration process, you’ll be taken to a waiting room where you can choose whether or not to allow your camera and microphone. To the right of “Join Now,” click “Present” if you’re the presenter and want to show your screen.

Interface Options

Now you’re in the meeting.
You can switch on and off your camera and microphone and give a presentation if the host permits you while in the meeting.
There’s also a discussion feature, which is useful if you’re having trouble viewing the presentation or want to remark without disturbing the speaker. Click the red phone symbol at the bottom of the screen to leave the meeting.
And that’s it! You’re all set to being your meetings anytime you want!