IMO: top quality calls at no charge

Looking for an app to simplify things when sending messages and making video calls with a slow connection? Maybe you need to give IMO a try to see all it has to offer! This app is an amazing way to communicate with your friends and family in an easy way, and you can even send all kinds of files through it, which is why most people has decided to use it as their main communication service.

Some characteristics you should know about IMO

  • People can share files or documents without sacrificing their quality, as this happens in other similar apps.
  • While using IMO, users will be able to transfer photos, movies, and documents, among other things with a simple click.
  • IMO can be installed on different devices with ease, but it mostly works on Android and iOS smartphones.
  • IMO is accessible for everyone due to how easy the app is to use and how easy all its features are to manage.
  • Video calls, phone calls, and even voice messages are all of good quality on IMO thanks to how properly developed the app is.
  • IMO is a completely free messaging app. People do not need to pay anything to use IMO; there is no premium version or need to recharge money to access its features, which is what happens with other similar apps.
  • People can use IMO even when having a slow internet connection, which is not possible when using other similar apps.

Some FAQs about IMO

What makes IMO app unique?

IMO is a messaging app that is similar to what we can usually find in the market, but what makes it different from the rest is that it keeps the quality of the files sent through the app.

Do I need to pay to get and use IMO app?

No, compared to other similar apps, IMO is completely free for everyone.

Is IMO safe to use?

Even though IMO is not so famous nowadays, it is safe to use for everyone out there.

How many people can you video conference with IMO?

When making a video conference through IMO, up to 9 people can join the same conference.

Does IMO allow recording meetings?

People can only record voice messages through IMO, not video conferences.

Are IMO messages encrypted?

Yes, it might be surprising for some people, but the app has a pretty good encryption service.

Is IMO connected to phone number?

Yes, but if you want to verify your account, it will require you to use it.