Jitsi: enjoy the best video calls without registration

Nowadays, people can easily access lots of different apps to communicate with people. Whether it is they need to communicate with someone in their work, or with a family, they will always try to find the most comfortable app to make it possible. That’s why people must know Jitsi due to everything it has to offer as this app will change how people see things when it comes to conferences due to how easy it will be.

Some characteristics you should know about Jitsi

  • Jitsi’s video and audio quality are both rather good, so users won’t have to worry about not hearing anything clearly.
  • Jitsi is equipped with encryption technology that protects users from anyone who might try to steal their data.
  • Users will not be required to create a Jitsi account in order to use the app, which will save them time while using it.
  • Jitsi has no restrictions on the number of users who can attend a conference, making it ideal for large conferences with lots of attendance.
  • People can use a password to lock their rooms if necessary, which is useful for preventing others from joining them without permission.
  • Jitsi allows users to change the URL of the meetings they are hosting in order to improve the experience for all attendees of the meeting.
  • As Jitsi is totally open-source, it is much safer for everyone who wants to use it due to the way it works.

Some FAQs about Jitsi

What makes Jitsi app unique?

Jitsi is an app that is somehow unique due to how it has improved the way people can enjoy conferences in a matter of seconds thanks to the app.

Is Jitsi free?

Yes! Compared to other similar apps, Jitsi is completely free to use.

Is Jitsi safe to use?

Yes! Jitsi has proven to be even safer to use compared to other similar apps out there.

How many people can you video conference with Jitsi?

While using Jitsi, up to 100 participants can join the same conference with ease.

Does Jitsi allow recording meetings?

Yes. Jitsi has an in-app feature that allows people to record meetings without needing to use different software for it.