Signal: communicate instantly with complete privacy

Looking for an app to communicate with your friends in a safe way? We know today we have the chance to use all kinds of apps to do this, but when using Signal, people will see how much things have changed. This app has improved communications a lot, and they have also improved security, which is why is becoming an important app around the world.

Some characteristics you should know about Signal

  • Signal allows users to modify their profile pictures without having to go to another app, which is something great.
  • Signal will never show advertisements to their users, which is something normal in other apps. The app’s development is based on the contributions of its users.
  • All of your Signal conversations will be encrypted, regardless of what you send or receive in there.
  • People won’t have to hide their personal information because the app won’t share it with anyone else, such as third-party companies or so.
  • There’s no need to be concerned about Signal being useless in slow internet connections, the app properly works in slow and fast connections in a proper way.
  • Signal allows users to interact in a variety of methods, including text messages and phone conversations, which is similar to what we have seen in other apps.
  • You don’t have to be concerned about who can listen in on your conversations because Signal uses an open-source protocol with a high level of security.

Some FAQs about Signal

What makes Signal app different from the rest?

Signal is an app that has been working to make things more private and more secure for people out there. They added encryption systems to make people feel safe no matter what they send or receive in the app.

Is Signal free?

Yes! Signal is completely free for everyone and mostly relies on the contributions of their users.

Is Signal safe to use?

Yes, it is one of the safest apps to use nowadays.

How many people can you video conference with Signal?

Signal allows users to have up to 40 users per meeting at the same time.

Can I record a Signal video conference?

Yes! People will have to host the video conference they want to record. Once they open the meeting, they have to find the “Custom” option and then press on Record.

Can anyone read your Signal messages?

Only the people who you talk to, Signal won’t send your messages to anyone else.

Do I need a telephone number to use Signal?

Yes. The reason why is due to Signal being based on phone numbers to create profiles of its users.