Signal vs. Threema: Which one is best?

Nowadays, there are lots of apps people can use to communicate with other people around the world. No one can deny that nowadays, but which is the best app people can use to communicate with other people? That’s the big question some people have.

That’s why today we will talk about two of the most impressive apps people can use to communicate with other people: Signal and Threema, so let’s see which one is better.

Safety and data protection comparison

Something people look to have nowadays is safety wherever they are at and in whichever app they decide to use. These two platforms have a pretty decent, for not saying one of the most advanced security systems in the world.
Signal, which was made to get rid of third-party companies doesn’t allow announcements from other companies or something similar on their app. The same happens when we talk about Threema.

Both apps are open-source, which means users can take a look at what the company is doing whenever they want. But, there’s a slight detail here. Threema allows people to use their app in an anonymous way, which is something we haven’t seen in any other app out there.
So, putting together the safety Threema gives and the fact people can use it without others knowing who’s behind the screen, we can say it has some kind of advantage here.

Signal vs. Threma: Which one is more famous?

Both Signal and Threema haven’t been around for so much compared to apps like WhatsApp or Telegram. But, to be fair, once Signal was released a lot of people joined the app due to the hype.
Nowadays things have changed a bit, and Signal is not as famous as it used to be on its release. But, Threema is actually gaining more fame around the world. The main difference here on why Threema’s popularity grows so slowly? The app is paid, which is why lots of users don’t give it a try.
Still, both apps are pretty famous, and they are focused on different publics, so there’s no clear advantage here.

Main features: Which app has the best features nowadays?

Both apps have the main features we all have seen before in other apps out there. People can talk with other users, make phone calls and video calls, send files, and a lot more.
But there are some differences in what they offer. For example, Signal allows creating groups with more people than Threema, at least for now. Yet, Threema has more in-app options to use, such as voting.

But, there’s something Threema lacks, and it’s the fact they don’t allow users to auto-destruct their messages, while Signal does allow this.
They are pretty equal on what they offer, so for a final decision, it will mostly depend on what does the person who’s using it needs.

Availability in platforms

Nowadays, talking about availability is a must. Most apps tend to be available on different platforms so people can feel safe to use them with ease on their phones, PCs, and more. As for now, both Signal and Threema are available on iOS, Android, and through their website.
But there’s the main difference here. Signal has an app for Windows and Mac as well, while Threema users don’t have access to it for now.
It might sound like something that is not so important as there’s a web version for both apps but is something good to know.

Free vs. Paid: Which one to choose?

Nowadays, most people want to go ahead and pick free stuff with their eyes closed. No one can deny that, but there are some things that are worth paying for, right?
Signal is completely free, while Threema charges $2.99 to whoever wants to download and use the app, it is not a lot, but it can change people’s perspective on what to download.
For us, Threema is worth paying if you want to access more premium features, whilst if you only need an app to talk with your friends, Signal will be more than enough.