Signal vs. WhatsApp: Which one is best?

Wondering which app is the best to talk with your family and friends around the world? There are lots of choices out there, some are best than others, but there’s always room for knowledge about which one should people use, right?
Therefore, if you were wondering which app you should use between Signal and WhatsApp, don’t worry about that anymore. Today we will make a comparison of each app and see which one is the most reliable option for people around the world.

Safety and data protection comparison

People will always worry about their safety and how their personal information is managed by someone else. In this particular case, we have two apps that we can compare with extreme ease due to different reasons.
WhatsApp, on one hand, is an app that has been involved in different controversies throughout its history. Back then, the app used to be as safe as people could wish, but nowadays things are a bit different. Since Meta bought it, there have been more leaks of personal information than before.

Also, another detail to consider is that Meta does sell information to third-party companies, and this might not be seen in WhatsApp, but it reflects in other apps you use.
Signal is completely different in this manner. They are an open-source app that people can investigate and see what they are doing with personal data from its users. Something completely different to WhatsApp.
We are not saying WhatsApp is a bad option at all, but Signal is way more secure.

Signal vs. Threma: Which was is more famous?

Compared to Signal, WhatsApp has been around for a lot more, and people have been more used to using it than using it a different messaging app. Even when BlackBerry was famous WhatsApp was already there.
This hasn’t changed a lot nowadays, WhatsApp is still one of the most famous messaging platforms people can use, and it is fair to say that Signal is nothing compared to it.
Don’t get us wrong, this is due to the fact that Signal has been around for less than five years now. Maybe in the near future, we can see things are a bit different, right?

Main features: Which app has the best features nowadays?

This is something hard to compare as both apps are pretty similar, to not say they are basically the same. But there are some differences to consider when talking about both of them.
For example, we know that WhatsApp and Signal offer the chance to make video calls, but Signal capacity for this is better, as it allows more people to join these video calls. Signal also offers auto-destruct options for their messages, which is something we haven’t seen yet in WhatsApp.

But more than that, we can’t say there are huge differences on which one to use because the rest of the features are well, basically the same.

Availability in platforms

One of the things we have to say, and no one can deny, is that both apps are available on basically every platform a person could use. Using a phone, a tablet, or a PC to use them? No need to worry, there’s a version of these apps for each device we just mentioned here.
People can easily download these apps on their iOS devices, Android, and even on PCs in case they want to. There are versions for basically every device out there, and it can even work on old devices with ease.
Something else to add here is the fact that if your PC is slow and you can’t add any more apps to it, then you can use Signal and WhatsApp on their web version.

Conclusion: Which one is better?

Time to make a final decision here. Which one of these apps is better? That’s the big question people ask themselves, and that now we will answer for good.
After seeing all they offer to their users, they are pretty tied up. But, to be fair, WhatsApp has been around for quite more time than Signal and therefore, makes it a better alternative for people due to it being used in most countries around the world.