Skype vs. Zoom: Which one is best?

Having the tool to communicate with the people near you is a must. There’s nothing better than having an easy way to talk with the people who you work with or even with your family and friends. Or who knows, maybe you need it for school purposes. Due to this, we will make a Zoom vs. Skype comparison today.
These two apps are one of the most used around the world. No one can deny that, but people must take into consideration that each one has their own special thing, so let’s see what they offer to us.

Safety and data protection comparison

On one hand, we have that Skype is a software created by Microsoft, and we all know that when using a Microsoft tool, people can stay calm because there won’t be an issue with how their data is managed.
This makes Skype quite a good app for people to communicate with other people, and it will also be helpful to keep people’s information as safe as possible, which is what most people desire to have.

On the other hand, we have Zoom. This app was created by Zoom Video Communications, and nowadays, it is quite a reliable app to use. But it wasn’t like this all the time, especially during the beginning of the pandemic.
Back then, Zoom had several issues due to them apparently selling user information to other companies. It is an old story but some people haven’t still forgotten about it.

Skype vs. Zoom: Which was is more famous?

Is hard to tell which app is more famous here. We all know that Skype and Zoom are quite famous around the world, and it mostly depends on how people want to use the app, as the two of them offer different features to people.
Back in the old days, Skype was way more famous than Zoom. But things were slowly changing, people left Skype aside and decided to take other apps as their main source for communication.
Nowadays, Zoom is without a doubt one of the most famous apps people can use to communicate with other people. It even became famous in small and big companies, organizations, and more, to make it their trustworthy communication app.
As for now, we can say with our eyes closed that Zoom is way more famous than Skype.

Main features: Which app has the best features nowadays?

Time to talk about the features these apps offer to people. It is true that a communication app must be complete to satisfy the needs of users in current days, which is why the two of them work hard for it.
But, there’s a clear advantage here. Zoom is way superior to Skype, and we can say that and repeat it over and over again. Zoom has way more features than Skype, and they will probably add more in the future.
It is true that Skype is an app that allows people to make phone calls, have video meetings, and even talk through a chat with someone else. But Zoom has more than that, which is why we can say it is a better option for people.

Availability in platforms

Now, what about availability? Are these two apps available on different devices or should people use only their cellphones to access them?
Well, the good news here is the two of them are available in basically all the devices someone might need to use. Zoom has an advantage here as well, as they offer people the chance to use their app without actually downloading it.

That’s not something we can tell about Skype, but that’s the minor issue here. As long as someone needs to install it on their PCs or mobiles, they will be available in the app store.

Conclusion: Which one is better?

After all we have seen it is hard to tell which one of these apps is better than the other. Nowadays, Zoom is far a better option than Skype. That’s true, Microsoft left Skype aside for quite some time and forgot to add more features to the app.
So, in case you want to make conferences with lots of people, share your screen, talk with your team, and much more, Zoom is surely the best option for you. Skype is still a good option, but it has fewer features for people to use.