Slack vs. Discord: Which one is best?

Managing a business nowadays is something people have to do with the right tools. Not everyone knows that there are better tools than using WhatsApp or similar apps, but that’s totally ok. That’s why today we will make a comparison of Discord vs. Slack here.

In case you were wondering which one is best for you to use, there’s no need to worry anymore. We will discuss the small details people need to know about each app, and that way, make a decision on which one to use.

Safety and data protection comparison

We know that nowadays, safety is one of the things that matter most to people. Especially when we talk about organizations and companies, even though these two apps can be used for personal reasons.

Still, it is worth telling that both of these apps have a pretty solid security system that will grant people that none of their data will be stolen or sold to a different company. It might be a bit harder to control how things are managed through Discord, but making the server private is more than enough to avoid problems.
Slack on the other hand is a 100% safe app that people can rely on from the first moment they use it.

Slack vs. Discord: Which was is more famous?

This one is a good answer for most people. We all know that is the app is famous, surely more people will use it or have heard about it before. In this particular case, we can tell that they are both pretty tied up.
We can maybe tell that Discord is a bit more famous than Slack, but there’s a reason behind this. Discord was initially meant to be used by gamers, and therefore, it gain a lot of recognition in that market.
Slack has never been used in such form. From the very beginning, Slack was meant to be used for most work purposes. Still, the app has aged well and nowadays is quite famous among startup companies, tech lovers, and more.
So, lastly, which one is more famous? For working purposes, Slack. For more personal use, and why not, for business-related tasks, in some cases, Discord.

Main features: Which app has the best features nowadays?

Nowadays, using an app that only allows people to communicate with each other is something that is long gone. No one is looking forward to having an app that will only allow people to send text messages and make phone calls.
That’s something Discord and Slack knows pretty well. Both of these apps have been working as hard as possible to give people unique in-app features to improve user experiences.
We know that on both apps, people can add some bots, sync these apps with other similar apps, and more. But, Slack has more features when talking about paid plans.
Therefore, for people who are looking forward to improving results and internal communications on a company, Slack is the favorite here.

Availability in platforms

Time to talk about something that worries a lot to people. Where will I be able to use these apps? Are they only available on mobiles?
That’s a pretty good question, and thankfully, both these apps are available on most devices. Nowadays, people use PCs and mobiles to communicate, and Discord and Slack are present on both devices.

It is fair to say that there are some main differences from one to the other, but nothing truly remarkable to say here. So, as users of both apps, there’s no need to worry about where to use them.

Conclusion: Which one is better?

Time to give a conclusion here. For people who are wondering which app is better Slack vs. Discord, it’s time to give an answer. But, remember, this is something we say according to what we have explained here.
For us, Slack is better than Discord. It is fair to say that there are some points in which Discord has some advantage, but there on most of the features, Slack is way better. It has more integrations, more benefits, and even a better user interface.