Slack vs. Microsoft Teams: Which one is best?

Nowadays, people who own a business also try to find the right communication app to improve how things are inside their business. No one can deny that, and that’s why some messaging apps decided to change their focus to work with these companies.
That’s why we have to compare Slack vs. Microsoft Teams as they are two of the most famous apps people can use nowadays.

Safety and data protection comparison

Microsoft is known for being strict about how they manage their data. No one can tell that there has been an issue regarding their information as long as they have been using a Microsoft program.
We can tell the same about Slack. Even though Slack came to the market not so long ago, compared to Microsoft, it has proven to be an app that a lot of people have loved to use. Especially, small businesses and teams.

So, in case you are wondering if your data will be safe, the answer is a solid yes. There’s no need to worry about it as long as all the communications of the company remain on these two platforms.

Slack vs. Teams: Which one is more famous?

Knowing which platform is more famous is something hard to tell. Both of these apps are famous to different people, and that’s something we have to take into consideration when talking about them.
For example, Microsoft Teams is targetting schools, universities, and even governments around the world. That’s where they have become more famous among people.
On the other hand, Slack is more used by small business owners, startups, and especially people who love technology. As we can see, it is not the same public in both cases.
Now, once again, which app is more famous? That’s something you will be able to tell once you try them.

Main features: Which app has the best features nowadays?

Now, this is something interesting to talk about. Both apps, as we have been seeing, are focused on basically the same: giving people the right tool for them to communicate with other people, especially with those in the same team as them.
According to what we can tell about both apps, each one of them has different integration options available for people to use. There are also bots available for adding to make things easier for people.

The main difference here comes with we talk about money. Yes, even though some people can get these apps for free there is money involved too. For people paying a bit more money, Slack is the perfect alternative as it unlocks more features, as well as opens up a world full of opportunities to improve communication with a team.
Our final decision? Both are quite good options, but if you have more money to spend, surely Slack features will be better for you and your team.

Availability in platforms

Now we have come across something people can find truly interesting, right? Where can I use these apps and how easy it is to get them?
Both of these apps are available on all the platforms people use nowadays. By “all” we mean Android devices, iOS devices, tablets, and PCs as well, so they don’t have to worry about where to use it.
There’s not much to say here. Both apps are basically tied to where they are available for people to use them. It will surely be more determined by the needs of the company or organization.

Conclusion: Which one is better?

Now, this is a hard decision to make. And an even harder question to answer. Both apps have shown to be good alternatives for people to use, and obviously, there are reasons why behind each decision.
For us, Slack is the winner here. Not only because of how famous it is compared to Teams but also due to the fact that it integrates more stuff than Teams doesn’t include, but who knows, maybe things are different in the future.