Telegram vs. WhatsApp: Which one is best?

When talking about messaging apps, we have to tell that Telegram and WhatsApp is surely the most famous apps of this kind. Surely there are more apps in the market to use, but to be fair, they are not as famous as these two.
But, there’s a big question among people who want to use them. Which one of these two apps is better? That’s the big question people make to themselves. In case you don’t know which one to use, we’ll help you to make a choice.

Safety and data protection comparison

Something that matters a lot to people is how their personal information is managed by companies around the world. And, especially, those who can keep an eye on everything someone sends through their phone.
As for now, WhatsApp is managed by Meta. We all know that Meta, previously known as Facebook, have had their own issues related to security in the past, especially when it comes to selling information about its users to companies.

On the other hand, we have Telegram. After all this time, Telegram has been shown to be one of the most private apps in the world. People can stay calm while using it as all their information and files will be safe as long as they remain in the app.
But don’t get us totally wrong. WhatsApp still worries about the safety of its users, not as much as they should, but in a certain way. Still, we prefer using Telegram a lot more.

Telegram vs. WhatsApp: Which one is more famous?

This is a tough question to answer. Both apps have been around for basically the same amount of time, and both have earned the respect and love of people from all over the world nowadays.
Telegram, such as WhatsApp, have millions of active users each day. And as they have been working quite hard to give people the safety they need, it had made more famous among messaging apps.
But, if we take a look deep down at both apps and their userbase, we can’t tell which one is more famous.

Main features: Which app has the best features nowadays?

We all know that nowadays, most apps have been developing the same features in order to be accessible for users. Especially those who are looking forward to using a messaging app on their phones.
WhatsApp, on one hand, has the basic features someone could need. People can send messages through it, send videos, photos, and even files. Also, people can create groups to add their friends to them, but that’s it.

On the other hand, Telegram is way better when talking about features. They have been working hard to add more than the basic features, and that’s something we can see in the app, as they have added bots, channels, games, and a lot more.
So, we can tell that Telegram is the clear winner here due to everything they have to offer to people.

Availability in platforms

Once again, we are tied. Both apps are available in most devices people use nowadays, there’s no doubt about that. They are available on cellphones, tablets, and even on PCs, so no one has to worry about where to use them.
Something that is worth mentioning is the fact both apps have their own PC software, and they are also available through their website. It can’t actually be better than that if we compare them to other apps.
So, you can easily go ahead and use any of these apps, or the one you prefer, on any device you have.

Conclusion: Which one is better?

Well, we have reached the part some people don’t like and that others love. Time to say which app is better.
For us, Telegram is far superior to WhatsApp. Compared side-to-side, both apps are pretty good for messaging other people around the world, but Telegram has far more features than WhatsApp, and therefore, it makes it better.