Viber vs. WhatsApp: Which one is best?

Nowadays, there are lots of apps people can use to stay communicated with the people they love. No matter where they go, there must be an app that will let them stay communicated with people in a matter of seconds.
That’s why today we will make a comparison between Viber and WhatsApp. Both apps have been around for quite some time now, but there are some main differences between them both that can make people easily choose which one to use.

Safety and data protection comparison

People can’t say enough how important it is for them to have all their personal information stored in one place and that they know it will be safe, and while using an app no one will be spying on them, right?
That’s something we can find on both apps. Each one of them counts with end-to-end encryption which is crucial for these kinds of apps. But, there’s a difference people haven’t considered here. WhatsApp is owned by meta now, and that means Facebook, or Meta, can access the information sent there.

We all know that it might sound a bit conspirators, but that’s how things are. On the other hand, Viber offers the same security system for people, but they are owned by a company that as of now, hasn’t been caught selling people’s information to someone else out there.
So, for safety, we can tell that Viber is the safest app for people to use between these two. There’s no need to worry about if you prefer WhatsApp, but that’s how things are.

Viber vs. WhatsApp: Which one is more famous?

Nowadays, is hard to tell an app that is far more famous than WhatsApp when it comes to messaging and no one can actually deny that. People can easily go and use WhatsApp all over the world and there won’t be an issue with it.
But, as for Viber, this app is not so famous nowadays. It is true that some people still use it, and there are countries in which Viber is far more famous than WhatsApp, but on a global scale, this is not the same.
So, if you want to stay communicated with everyone with ease, we highly recommend people to use WhatsApp.

Main features: Which app has the best features nowadays?

When it comes to messaging apps, we are all used to seeing the same features over and over again. People know that a good messaging platform will let them make phone and video calls, send messages to people, and more.
Up to this point, all is good with that, because both apps offer these features to people. But, there’s the main difference here between them.

WhatsApp is way more basic than Viber. The app only has the basic features, and that’s something people like, but for those who are more demanding, Viber is the clear winner here.
Why do we say that? Well, Viber has games, external calls, secret chats, and more. Easy to see who won, right?

Availability in platforms

Availability is one of the things people worry the most about. What if I buy a device that is not compatible with the messaging app that I like most?
Well, that’s something Viber and WhatsApp know. As for now, WhatsApp is available on more devices for the simple fact they have their own PC software, something Viber doesn’t have yet.
But, still, both apps can be found in most of the apps stores people uses nowadays, and the APK of the app can be easily found on the internet.

Conclusion: Which one is better?

Here’s the moment most people were looking forward to knowing. Which one is the best app between these two?
The question is hard to answer. Both apps offer different features to people, but WhatsApp is far more popular than Viber, which makes it more accessible for people. For us, that’s the only reason why WhatsApp is better than Viber.