Webex vs. Zoom: Which one is best?

Are you looking for a way to work and communicate effectively through video conferences? Zoom and WebEx are two of the leading applications which facilitate teamwork in professional environments. That’s why we have to make a Webex vs. Zoom comparison.

The issue here, in order to determine which is the best one, is to compare the features of both applications to see which of the two suits the best to your work needs.

Safety and data protection comparison

People will always be concerned about the security and privacy of their data while working in an application that is based on videoconferences for business, so we will take this as the first aspect to compare between the apps.

On one side, Zoom has been in the international news due to hacking situations in some countries, even getting banned for it. Maybe it has a bad image in recent times, but they are working for that with some security updates, giving the users the possibility of banning other members in their conference rooms, hiding them for more safety, and more.
On the other hand, WebEx, unlike Zoom, offers end-to-end encryption using complex safety protocols. Some of the recent options that were added to Zoom have been in WeBex since their beginning.
Perhaps, in this first comparison, WebEx has an advantage over Zoom.

Webex vs Zoom: Which one is more famous?

In comparison to Zoom, WebEx, as a video conference tool, has been around longer for the business public. However, both are at the same level of fame and constantly increasing the number of users on their platforms.
WebEx and Zoom compete every month to get a better fluency of users, and both have an incredible quantity of users who have them as their first option for video conferencing.
Maybe Zoom has more users monthly than WebEx on their platforms, but this has become a competition due to all the things that these two apps can offer to their users.
In resume, Zoom has an advantage in the user’s frequency due to its reliability in the market, but WebEx, in the majority of cases, become the first option for new users of video conferences

Main features: Which app has the best features nowadays?

There is not a lot to compare here as both apps work on the same platforms. Both apps allow the creation of video conferences between huge groups, with cloud support, and both can be used from mobile devices and computers.
People can use the interface of both apps with relative ease as they are too simple and intuitive to use, so it will be easier for new users to learn the features of those platforms.
Maybe the only advantage here is the quality of the Zoom video. The rest of its features are on a similar level.

Availability in platforms

There is a version of both apps for each platform that a normal person can use. We can’t deny that this is a big point for them as you can use them on your tablet, phone, or computer. Therefore, no one needs to worry about its compatibility on all devices. People can easily download these apps on their iOS devices, Android, and even on PCs in case they want to. Every person can have them without any problem.

Conclusion: Which one is better?

Time to give a final opinion. Both apps have the same characteristics and offer an easy-to-use interface in their platforms.
These apps have positive critics from experts and users, but the principals business use WebEx as their first option due to their reliability and familiarity with their users. But, Zoom is still the first option for new users that are starting in the world of video conferences.