Wechat: the Chinese app for everything

Have you ever wondered if around the world people use the same apps like you to communicate with other people? Well, in most cases, the answer is yes. But, in China, we can see that there’s a big difference in which app people use, as they prefer to use WeChat instead of other famous apps. Still, this app is pretty decent and offers people most of the features that can be found on a traditional messaging app.

Some characteristics you should know about WeChat

  • Before you follow an unknown account in WeChat, you’ll know if it’s verified or not, that way you will know who are you communicating with.
  • WeChat has added the feature of adding stories to the app in the format of photos and videos, similar to other apps out there.
  • People can easily switch the language of WeChat to 20 different languages in case they need it.
  • Just like people have seen in other apps, there are lots of stickers, emojis, and more media messages to send in the app.
  • WeChat has included different video games in the app people can play while they have free time.
  • All the videos and images sent through WeChat will keep the same quality of image they originally had.

Some FAQs about WeChat

What makes WeChat app different from the rest?

In general terms, we can say WeChat is a pretty similar app compared to other messaging apps out there. But, there’s something amazing in this app, and it is the fact it includes different games to play while people have free time.

Is WeChat free of cost?

Yes, but no. Some of the features of this app require a payment, which makes it a freemium app.

Is WeChat safe to use?

Yes, people can completely rely on this app for as long as they want.

How many participants can join a WeChat meeting?

When making a video call or group call, up to 9 people can join them.

Can I record a WeChat video conference?

Directly with the WeChat software, no. People must use secondary software to make it possible.

Are WeChat messages encrypted?

Yes. All the messages sent through WeChat are completely encrypted and stored in the WeChat cloud.

Is WeChat connected to phone number?

WeChat works with a phone number, just like many other apps out there.