Whereby: improving network collaboration

In case you need to have access to an app from which you can join meetings wherever you are at with ease, you have to say hello to Whereby because it can be the perfect alternative for people. From now on, people can easily rely on Whereby whenever they need to make a video call with someone else, and this app doesn’t even require people to have an account on it to use all its features!

Some characteristics you should know about Whereby

  • In case someone needs it, people can share presentations through Whereby to other people who are participating in the meeting.
  • Whereby comes with an in-app chat that people can use whenever they need to send a message to other people or when they are not able to speak through their mic.
  • Whereby is perfectly optimized for cellphones which is why most people can use this app even if they have an old device with them.
  • All the conversations that take place on Whereby will be protected from third-party companies and individuals who want to steal information from there.
  • People won’t need to create an account while using Whereby as they can join all the meetings as guests in case they don’t want to spend more time doing it.
  • As long as people have a proper internet connection, the image given by Whereby will have a decent quality which is great for viewers.
  • People can choose if they want to activate their cameras or not, if needed, they can only activate their mic to speak with the rest of the participants.

Some FAQs about Whereby

What is the feature that sets Whereby app apart from the rest?

One of the things that people can tell that is quite different from the rest of apps out there is the fact that Whereby doesn’t require people to create an account to use it, which is perfect nowadays.

Do I need to pay to get and use Whereby app?

Not actually. People can use Whereby for free as much as they want.

Is Whereby safe to use?

Yes. Even though not many people have heard about it, this app is safe to use as it has a strong security system on it.

How many people can you video conference with Whereby?

Up to 50 people can join a conference at the same time using Whereby, and up to 12 people can share their screen at the same time if needed.

Is recording video allowed in Whereby?

Yes, but this is a feature that is only available for those who want to pay for Whereby.

Is the Whereby’s message encryption secure?

Yes! The encryption of Whereby is just as good as we have seen in other apps before.

Do I need a telephone number to use Whereby?

Not at all. People can join this app without a phone number.